Provide your brain a quiet place without interference to your mental processes. Wear this and feel a difference in the level of "mind noise" from the RF radiation that is coming at us all the time

  • Composed of ultra thin stainless steel thread wrapped in poly/cotton (but it looks like a regular cap!)
  • Designed to shield the head from Radio Frequency radiation 
  • Comes with a "Toxic Free zone" pin
  • Velcro adjustable strap in the back
  • Hand wash cold water
  • Union made in the USA

Research links RF Radiation from cell phone frequencies (especially smart phones) with behavioral and cellular disturbances. Not only are smart phones constantly disrupting human time, there is also empirical evidence from the World Health Organization that these phones are causing cancer, decreased memory, and sperm damage. THE CTIA DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS. The CTIA is profiteering 28 billion dollars each year. Come by the studio, or call us on the land line, and we can talk about this subject for hours, together we can hang up. 

**Please note this item ships next week**