• Heather gray
  • Embroidered melted world with "SUMMER BUMMER" wrapped around
  • Available in size SMALL and MEDIUM
  • Keeps you warm!
  • Great for wearing in the day or night
  • Machine wash and hang to dry, or machine dry with a bunch of other stuff

    Our use of computers and phones, our sending  of emails, our texting, our streaming, our downloading, our posting, our scrolling- our everyday use of technology uses up so much energy and fuel that it far surpasses the aeronautical industry. We need to spread the word that these platforms, this energy use, is run by a power grid that uses both nuclear and coal- fossil fuels to feed it. Until we develop a new architecture for a power grid, we need to have an understanding that this technology is not green or sustainable. It is an energy eating machine like no other. Let's slow down, and limit our use! Together we can ignore the internet!

    There will be choices to be made, and we encourage you- practical and wise persons who have a comprehensive vision of the highest good for human beings, that you will keep the vision alive.

    Aristotle emphasized SUMMUM BONUM (sounds like....), the highest good for human beings, the supreme good. No single goal of society, be it- economic efficiency, personal freedom, constitutional rule, or other- by itself delivers the “good society”. All is reliant upon one another. 

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