5G-Enabled Small Cell Antennas are Being Installed Every 500 Feet

5G-enabled small cell antennas are being installed every 500 feet, without our consent. They are a source of pervasive high frequency microwave radiation. Our air is being blanketed in electro smog.  Studies show chronic exposure can cause cancer, neurological problems, depression, infertility, brain fog, problems sleeping, and many other serious health side effects! 

Hey-what are EMFs?
EMFs are electromagnetic fields. They include electric and magnetic fields, and wireless radiation emitted by cell towers, cell and cordless phones, smart meters, smart grid, wifi, computers, power lines, fluorescent lights, indoor wiring, appliances, cars, inverters and other electronic devises.  

Reasons to be Concerned:

  • Unjust mandate by the FCC taking away our local and state rights to choose our radiation exposure 
  • Proven significant health risks by doctors and scientists 
  • 5G will effect everyone, pregnant woman, children, teenagers, men of productive age, the elderly, etc.
  • Ecological disaster

Take Action- Write to your mayor and city council
We can collectively decide enough is enough, we can raise awareness, we can inundate our city council with letters that this is not okay. We can take the towers down. Tell them you are concerned about towers being a safety issue, that they may ignite fires, that your property value will be decreased, that you have environmental concerns that the towers are killing bees, birds and insects, that you are concerned about health issues.
We have letter templates that we are happy to send your way, we can also help you find your city council members email addresses- let us help- email us for help. 

Humans, animals, insects and plants have never lived with this much radiation surrounding us. We are in the midst of a biological expieriment. There have been thousands of studies on the cellular effects of 2G, 3G, 4G- and they warn of the multiple health issues including cognitive impairment, cancer, DNA damage, immune dysfunction, dizziness, behavioral changes, etc. There have been ZERO studies on the biological health effects of 5G- because this has not been done before. There is no scientific evidence that this is safe

***Tell your friends to look at this blog or talk to them about this- or forward them this email*** 

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