INTERVIEW WITH CPD in MAUI! December 08 2013

I went to visit my family in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, and after a week on the north shore of Oahu, I flew to visit a dear friend Catherine Page Dodd-Paludan in Maui. She is one of my favorite designers, and an inspiration to be around. Whenever I get discouraged, CPD always reminds me this: Quality matters- in what you make, in how you live, in what you do. And she will repeat this a few times until I stop sulking.  If you have not heard of CPD, you will soon! 

I talk story wit designer Catherine Page Dodd

Where you live?

Upcountry Maui, Hawai'i
Why you move to da island?
Maui has been apart of my life since I was a child.  And in 2009, while visiting an old friend on the island, I was offered a job to help design an o'hana( in Hawai'i, you are allowed a second dwelling on your property, similar to that of a guest house, called an o'hana, which means family).  That job began my part time love affair with Maui.  After spending a year going back and forth to California, where I had been living, I realized my dreams of life on an island could actually become a reality.  The next year I met my husband, Jesper, who is from Denmark and also an architect.   Together we chose Maui because of the healthy lifestyle it affords us and the worldly influences from all of the different people that have made the islands their home. 


How da new studio?
As of today, the studio is a work in progress!   But the building itself is a huge inspiration.  It sits just at the end of Maui's historic cowboy town, Makawao, and originally built in the early 1900s and remodeled in the late 90s.  The owners were very careful in keeping as much of the original structure as possible.  So, many of the materials were salvaged and you can see them used throughout the property in all of the structures, not just the studio building.  
It is such a treasure to find a spot like this in Maui.  We live in the main house, so I just walk across the yard to work everyday.  Having incredible views of the town and Haleakala out my window and knowing the beach is only a quick drive down Baldwin Ave. keeps me very stoked and content on the new little studio spot.

Wut you up to dese dayz?
Well, we just moved into this property in the middle of town, so we have been pretty busy with remodeling the main house and studio building for the past two months.  Jesper and I love to remodel places we live in and customize our living spaces to our needs and comforts. This particular situation has been unique. The owners live in Southern France and run an organic farm there, so they don't get back to Maui often. When we heard the buildings were up for rent, we freaked out and knew we had to make it work! What is great about this space, is it is right on the main street in town. People will be able to stop by for consultations, or come in and see what we are working on.  
There is a lot to do, right now it seems a bit never ending, but I need to refocus my attention on the launch of a new website and all that busy computer work I love so much.


Wut you into dese days?  
Being married to someone from Denmark, a country with such a small population and big culture, really intrigues me.  Scandinavian and Japanese design have always been my natural aesthetic.  It wasn't until I started to read and learn about the cultures, which the designs come from, that it truly began to resonate with me with a larger meaning.
Designing with multiple purposes.  Thinking about each individual as a whole community.  
Products that can do more than one you can use it in recipes, or for dry skin.  You can use it as a desk or a shelving unit.  An apron or an artist smock.  Super simple, quality materials, honest business methods, that transcend the trends and remain classic and timeless.  
Offering consulting for people has been a passion of mine.  I'm interested in clients who live in a specific way. I help curate the lifestyle they feel best living!  From health conscience living to customizable furnishings. 

Link to your site brah?
Right now you can find basic info to reach me: